Apple Blinds – Window Blinds Measuring tools

Accurate Measurements

To ensure accurate measurements please use a metal tape measure.

Take measurements in centimetres, to the nearest 0.1cm i.e. to the nearest millimetre.

Inside Recess or Outside Recess

It is important to understand the difference between an Inside Recess and Outside Recess specification.

Please read the following explanations carefully.


Inside recess fitting describes blinds that hang inside the window recess.

Measure the drop by taking the measurement from the top of the recess to the window sill in three places. Measure the width of the window recess from wall to wall in three places. Take the smallest measurement and use this value to specify your blind size. We will make all measurement adjustments to ensure your blind fits and operates correctly within the recess. The industry wide standard adjustment is 1.0cm – 1.5cm horizontal clearance within the recess.


Outside recess fitting describes blinds that hang outside of the window recess. Measure the exact area you would like the blind to cover as shown as a width and drop. We make no adjustment to this measurement.

Bay windows

Please contact our office for guidance on how to measure for bay windows before submitting your order. Measurement adjustments will vary depending on your choice of blind and also the shape and size of the bay window.

Bracket Options : Top Fix and Face Fix

All blinds may be fixed to the face of the window frame or wall, or to the top of the lintel. Brackets may be positioned so that the drop of the blind does not run into any obstructions like window or door handles.

Final check

Please check for the proximity of adjacent walls, furniture, window handles, wall tiles etc. when measuring for your blinds.


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