Apple Green Blinds Now in Sale!

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Apple Blinds are seeing an amazing increase in the sales of Green blinds. Its supposed to be an unlucky colour they say, but its certainly good for increased business.

The colour seems to have got so popular sais our Manager  Sheila Green at our Chester branch ( do you think she might be bias !)

What is the explanation. ?

Could it be word association with Green Apples !!—Unfortunately we don’t think so, –the colour has gentle friendly undertones and such companies as Mcdonalds , the Co Op , Skoda cars,  have all adopted it in promoting their products and brand recognition.

The general public also seem to favour the colour and all shades of green are in fashion at the moment and here to stay for now it would seem.

The Apple range of Green colours is very comprehensive but so are all the other colours we do.

Our sales at APPLE have gone green !



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